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Why Kido Village


Our Kido Village portal will offer families with specially trained teachers to provide customised curriculum in groups of up to six children at the teacher’s home or one on one sessions at your home. Parents and teachers can directly communicate and plan the child’s education journey best on the individual needs of a child on Kido Village platform.

High Quality

Kido Village is a part of an International preschool chain, Kido Schools. Each teacher profile featured on the platform has been prudently selected and trained to the highest standards to deliver our global curriculum. Kido Village offers a diverse selection of teachers who will provide customised, flexible early childhood education and care to each family, using the curriculum, training and high quality operating procedures used in Kido nurseries worldwide.


The perfect teachers that you are looking for, can be your trusted neighbor or an ex- teacher with years of teaching experience. The convenience of having your child's learning happen right in your neighbourhood or building means easy pick-up and drops with the option to customize preschool or daycare schedules to suit your own requirement.


It takes a village to raise a child, with an array of teachers from the neighbourhood available on the Kido Village platform. Parents can choose the teachers they personally know or select from a diverse pool of teaching experience. Combined with the award-winning curriculum of Kido Schools, parents get best value in any part of the country.


Our Kido parent app will give you an insight into your child’s learning journey, right from their first drawing to the first words, all captured by teachers and made available to parents on their fingertips.A Kido Village teacher will be able to select the number of children they would work with and number of hours, in turn giving parents complete transparency to choose the best learning options according to their requirement.


Our best in class parent app allows parents to be updated on all major milestones of their child. App and website combined parents get complete flexibility on all the requirements of the child from books to rating the top teachers and their learning stations.