By parents, for parents

We are founded, managed and owned by a group parents of young children around the world, and their friends. We passionately believe that a high quality early childhood education is the biggest gift any child can get. Since 2014, our preschools and nurseries under two brands - Kïdo and Safari Kid International - have served over 15,000 families in London, Houston, Austin, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai and elsewhere. 

We are now on a mission to bring our international network, our award winning curriculum and our best practices to children everywhere. Earlier in 2020, we launched Kïdo Home, our virtual preschool delivering online preschool to children at their homes.

With Kïdo Village, we bring the same expertise to every community, enabling entrepreneurs in each community to set up their own micro preschools, run to our standards, with our curriculum and systems. Each Kïdo Village Pod will cater to a maximum of eight children at a time, providing flexible, customised education and care to children in their community. Parents can set up Pods for their own children too, and either teach themselves, or hire a teacher (who we'll be happy to train!).

School Network

Our international school network ensures that we bring global best practices in curriculum, operations, health and safety to each Kïdo Village Pod.