What we do

We aim to provide the highest quality, flexible and affordable education and care to children under six everywhere - in their homes, or around the corner from where they live. 

For as little as ₹1500/month, you can set up a micro-preschool (we call it a Kïdo Village Pod) at home for your children, or children in the neighbourhood. We'll provide the training, curriculum, support, quality control and everything you'll need to be a successful teacher or Pod owner.

If you're a parent looking for education and care for your child, find a Pod near you, and you'll be assured of a trained and certified provider in your community at affordable prices. Teaching will be in small groups (max of eight children) to ensure customisation and attention for each child.

All Kïdo Village teachers and Pods use the Kïdo Early Years Program, an international program running in preschools and nurseries across the USA, UK, UAE, India and Hong Kong, and follow the strictest health and safety protocols, in line with global best practices.

How It Works

It's simple. If you want to set up a Kïdo Village Pod in your home, just sign up one the website and we'll be in touch with the next steps. If you're a parent, you can search and select a Pod near you, schedule tours and find one that suits you! Watch the video for an overview of how Kïdo Village works!